“Business Development Data is an invaluable sales and marketing tool”

The Australian economy has recently enjoyed a period of unparalleled growth, but the Global Financial Crisis has changed the landscape forever and businesses now have to work harder to secure their future.

But in these tough economic times the age old mantra of ‘working smarter, not harder’ definitely rings true and that’s were Business Development Data can help your business succeed.

Business Development Data is an invaluable sales and marketing tool designed specifically to assist companies expedite the business development process, by providing your business with access to the decision makers within the mining industry.

The mining industry is often referred to as the driving force of the Australian economy, as a result of the jobs and economic benefits that it delivers. Even in the midst of the current economic downturn mining companies are still proceeding with development, exploration and expansion projects, which means there are still numerous opportunities to secure work with mining companies.

Consisting of comprehensive databases, Business Development Data contains over 1900 contact names from 500 Mine Sites.

As of the 18th of September, 2020, the Business Development Mining Database was completely verified and updated. We are also currently in the process of adding 85 new minesites to the database!

By utilising Business Development Data for your sales, marketing and business development campaigns, you can be confident that your message is reaching the right people – every time.

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“We checked the database, and everything is working fine. I am very impressed with the work your team have put into establishing such a comprehensive and up to date database. Mining is such a dynamic industry with so many changes in organisation ownership, structures and personnel constantly moving around, and your database is as an impressive compilation that I have seen.

I know we will benefit by using your database. Mining represents a significant portion to our revenue, and we are confident that we can now reach even more users to promote our impressive product line up.

We are looking forward to also receiving the mining handbook and impressed at the depths you guys have gone to, to categorise so many different industries that service the mining industry. After we reviewed the scope of the handbook, advertising in this was a no brainer.

Thanks again, keep up all of the good work.”

Gary Griffiths – Sales Director
Tsubaki Australia Pty Ltd